My beef with Boortz.

I guess by now we’ve all heard Neal Boortz’s racist tirade against lovable drama queen Cynthia McKinney. We’ve also heard the condescending and bitchy pseudo-apology that followed his hateful comments.

This was not friendly joshing between two people who know each other well. Boortz didn’t just insult McKinney. What about the large number of black women who share McKinney’s hairstyle? Are they “ghetto trash” too? Was it okay for him to insult them as well? Why? Because they don’t want to coat their locks in harsh chemicals or place metal combs hot enough to cause severe disfiguring burns mere millimeters from their scalps in order to remove the kinks and coils from their hair? I am so unbelievably tired of white men with straight hair bitching about how “undignified” and “unprofessional” common black hairstyles are. Boortz’s claim that kinky is equal to trashy is reactionary and intolerant. Could you imagine a national radio personality stating over the airwaves that straight blonde hair is sleazy and unprofessional? Could you imagine Hillary Clinton being told that her tresses make her look like “trailer trash” and that she is showing contempt for her position with her hairstyle? Of course you can’t. It would never happen to her—ever.

I’m unbelievably pleased with women like McKinney who are forcing intolerant Americans to rethink their notions of what is normal. Because I’ll be damned if I’m going to cover my head in lye or pull blisteringly hot metal through my hair simply because some jackass thinks that the way that God made me is “inappropriate.”

In other words, Boortz can go screw himself.

McKinney really needs to start wearing her pin though. C’mon, how hard is it to put a pin on?