Apparently Neal Boortz has issued an apology for the previous half-assed apology posted to his weblog. Of course, this has done nothing to alleviate my cranky mood since I ran right smack into David Yeagley’s crazed rant against black women and our supposedly manipulative ways.


“It’s racism at Duke, all right. Racism against white students. Members of the Duke University Lacrosse team may have abused a black party girl, but, without any proof or trial, the Duke Lacrosse team was punished by the university, suspended from further games. So terrified was the administration of being charged with ‘racism.’ The black female wins again. She is truly an ace on the field and in court.”

That is some full-fledged crazy right there, folks! What have black women won? The right to be heard by a police officer when we’ve been attacked? If so, what is so wrong about finally winning the same basic treatment that everyone else in this country receives? Black women shouldn’t have had to win that. It should have been automatically given to us for being human and American.

And since when is simply doing your job racism against white students? When an individual reports a crime, the police are supposed to investigate. When a student has brought shame upon a private university with his or her misconduct, the college administration has every right to suspend that student. While it has not yet been proven that a rape has occurred, it has been proven that alcohol was served to minors and that exotic dancers were hired to perform on school property. That’s more than enough reason to suspend students for misconduct. And perhaps the students were suspended from further games for their own protection? They aren’t exactly the most popular people in the country at the moment. The students might have been seriously injured by an irate citizen at an athletic event.

“So, that black woman said, ‘No,’ eh? First, she’s in a profession where she’s expected to do tricks for clients. Second, she’s walking into a house full of young, drunken athletes, who happen to be white. Third, she called the police and complained once; then she went back, but then left. And then she went back again! That’s a peculiar way of saying ‘No,’ it seems to me.”

Having a job where you take your clothes off for money does not give men the right to rape you or give the police the right to ignore your claims. Having poor judgement does not give men the right to rape you or give the police the right to ignore your claims. Last time I checked, rape was still a crime. The victim’s race, occupation, and/or level of intelligence does not change that fact. And for the record, prostitutes turn tricks. Strippers do not.

“These racist black people just want a role model victim, with mistreatment wreaked upon the weakest of the weak: the black woman. All she has to do is cry, ‘rape by white male!’ and she rules the world.”

What? That’s just so crazy that I can’t even respond.

Seriously. I’m officially on a pundit break.