Curse you, SOAPnet!

I have to stop watching One Life To Live.

It’s not because it’s a soap opera. I truly believe that quality soap operas can exist. Just because OLTL is a soap opera, that doesn’t make it bad. Of course, it is bad. I know it’s bad because I make up alternate versions of the episodes I watch in my head. Now, I don’t write fanfiction; I haven’t done that for years. Even so, entire scenes of dialogue run through my head. And not just dialogue! Blocking too!

Do you know how annoying that is? My brain is doing work that I will never get paid for! And I can’t make it stop unless I refuse to watch this show.

Overactive imaginations stop being fun when you’re an adult and you realize that you’re not getting one red cent for all the crap taking up space in your head where grocery lists and train schedules should be. I should have a kid so all this stuff will be worth something.