Down in the zero.

Anyone who has read Vachss’ series of novels about the character Burke will understand me when I say the following:

I am becoming the Mole.

I am going to be that grimy old person who spends all day creating weird stuff and hanging out with a crew of massive dogs. Occasionally my high-maintenance boyfriend will stop by to bitch at me about something, and I will stare at him blankly from behind dirt-smeared glasses until he shuts up or goes away. I will not speak to or visit anyone unless I absolutely have to.

When did I figure this out?

It happened in stages. A couple of months ago, I decided that I was going to stop visiting people. Yesterday, after another boring lecture from my mother instead of an actual conversation, I decided to stop using the phone. Today, after reading aggravating threads on various message boards, I’ve decided to curb my communications with people via the Web.

So, I’m basically going to limit my socializing to responding to comments on this blog and returning emails. Honestly, this is such a minor change from the way things were before that I highly doubt anyone will notice.

This experiment will only affect my social life, of course. Strolling into the office or library and announcing that you will no longer be communicating with the masses doesn’t go over too well.