Play Misty for me.

Misty KnightWhy is Misty Knight currently being depicted in this way? Listen, I’m not mad, just bewildered. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, our hair does not do that. I am more than happy to collect reference photos myself and e-mail them to Marvel if artists are having trouble depicting black women properly. I will do this free of charge! That is how much Misty’s hair irks me.

Khari Evans, who thankfully must have spent more than five minutes of his life actually looking at a black woman, gave Marvel a perfectly good character design for Misty that was actually quite realistic and modern. However, Marvel completely ignored the very positive changes Evans made in updating the character. Why?

Editor: Y’know, what? Misty Knight is just too damn fine. We need to ugly her up. Maybe give her an atrocious hairdo that makes no sense. We can’t have her wearing a hairstyle that countless black women in America are currently wearing right now. In fact, we won’t even give her a classic 70s Afro. Make up something completely ridiculous and impractical. Throw two completely different textures in there. Make it look like a hat.

Artist: I’ll get right on it.

Seriously, when I say it makes no sense, I mean it. It makes no sense. In order to get Misty’s hairdo I would have to either flat iron three inches of my hair and leave the rest kinky or chemically straighten three inches of my hair and leave the rest kinky. And that would be unbelievably stupid. Because most of my hair would break off and I would be left with three inches of hair. It’s either all or nothing, fellas.

Imagine if an artist drew Thor with an Afro on the left side of his head and pin straight blonde locks on the right. That is exactly how stupid Misty’s hairdo is. And it is the sole reason why I refuse to pick up Heroes for Hire even though I adore Misty and bought every issue of the Daughters of the Dragon miniseries. Because if Marvel doesn’t care enough to make an intern spend less than five minutes searching for a reference photo in order for an artist to draw a black woman with a realistic and modern hairstyle, then why should I fork over my cash for the book?