Blades of glory.

Over at the Engine, Warren Ellis is asking people to provide visual interpretations of what Witchblade wielder Sara Pezzini should look like. I can’t draw, so no participation for me. But seriously? Let’s forget the costume. Previous versions of the Witchblade were always in line with the bearer’s cultural style of dress and method of combat, right? So why should the Witchblade suddenly go all Sci-Fi channel with Sara? After all, Sara Pezzini is a character that idolized Starsky & Hutch. That’s the moment she fell in love with being a cop. That’s the slice of Americana that shaped her thoughts on justice—not Wonder Woman, not Vampirella.

So, there is no blade. There is no crusty armor. There is no metal bikini. There’s only a beautiful silver Glock that Sara has named BB. And it shoots bullets that never miss and always come back to their chambers once the job is done. After all, the only time the Witchblade should drop its cover is when it’s blocking a bullet or a shiv. And when it does, it simply shows up as a discreet metallic sheen over the small portion of Sara’s body that is being attacked. In other words, the chick dresses in normal clothes. And that’s my Witchblade, y’all.