Mary Jane!

So when do we get the second statue in the series featuring a naked Peter Parker fondling himself? I’m totally buying that one. In fact, I’m sure Hughes is drawing a pin-up to base the statue on as I type. I can’t wait to see it.

All joking aside, it’s really the fact that the statue is incomplete that irks me. After all, I’d be lying if I said that people don’t perform goofy sexy stunts like that on occasion as a joke—for their partners. But take Peter out of the equation (and Mary Jane’s wedding ring as well) and the scene goes from cute and sexy to pandering and creepy very quickly. Is the buyer of the statue supposed to put himself in the place of Peter? Because that is rather sad.

Adding a second statue to the set featuring Peter Parker wearing a towel and Spider-Man booties while grinning sheepishly would add back the playfulness that Hughes probably intended when he drew the pinup in the first place.

Hmmm. Looking at the pin-up, it also seems that Hughes intended for Mary Jane to have a different facial expression, thicker waist, and smaller chest too. And Mary Jane’s jeans weren’t skintight either. Interesting.