In the pink.

I am getting so tired of people declaring that girls are buying Bratz dolls over Barbie dolls because the company producing Bratz dolls has placed a greater emphasis on sexuality. Both types of doll wear similar clothing. Both types of doll have bizarre proportions. Both types of doll wear heavy makeup. You want to know the real difference between Bratz and Barbie?

With Bratz dolls, the minority girls don’t have to play second fiddle to an all-supreme white one. Christie, Kira, and Teresa are perpetually Barbie’s sidekicks. Their clothes aren’t as nice (or pink). They don’t get as much attention. They don’t have boyfriends (or cars, or houses, or careers). With Bratz dolls, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade are teenage friends who come together as equals. The blonde doll with the pale skin is no better or worse than the other dolls. She doesn’t have better accessories. She doesn’t have better clothes. She isn’t the only one paired off with a male doll.

Perhaps all of the girls out there who aren’t blonde-haired or blue-eyed simply desired toys that didn’t declare them to be second best. Unfortunately, by the time Mattel had finally figured that out, those girls had already placed Bratz dolls in their mothers’ shopping carts.