Re: Resident Evil 5.

Y’know, I have no problem with the zombies being black. After all, the new Resident Evil game is set in Africa. What do you expect? But why are the heroes, no matter what the setting, always white?

That’s the real problem, if you ask me—perpetual sidekick syndrome. Let me guess what the plot will be. White hero travels to African village to study and hopefully halt the spread of a virus that turns people into zombies. White hero loses sole method of efficient transportation. White hero must kill massive waves of zombies to survive. White hero finds beautiful white female missionary that needs protecting. White hero finds sage black man with weapons cache leading small band of uninfected villagers. Sage black man informs white hero of the history of the village and how the virus has spread. Sage black man dies brutally from giant monster attack. White hero valiantly kills giant monster. White hero finds new method of efficient transportation. White hero and beautiful missionary escape village. White hero and beautiful missionary stare at vanishing compound sadly as they remember their fallen Magical Negro.

The End.

ETA (10:45): I haven’t even seen the trailer yet (dial up) and I am fairly certain that will be the game’s plot.

ETA (11:11): I’ve now seen the trailer and would bet money on that being the game’s plot. Same story, different day. It’d just be nice to be the hero once in a while. Not a thug, not a sports star, not a sidekick, not a zombie—a real, honest-to-God, saving-the-day hero. Is that so wrong?

ETA (12:10): The hateful comments on these two pages have pummeled my brain until it threatens to ooze from my ears. Gaming fandoms really seem to have a monopoly on the knuckle-draggers, I swear.

ETA (12:24): There needs to be a greater variety of skin tones in this game for better realism. Okay, I’m done talking about this. Finally. Yes, really.