Wizards and witches.

You know what annoys me about the whole Wizard kerfluffle? It’s not the Match the Rack segment. It’s not the fact that Wizard identifies itself as the #1 men’s pop culture magazine. It’s the fact that Wizard fronted all convention season!

Look, if you want to be a sanitized stroke magazine for frat boys, be that! Be proud of that! Who cares if people are ridiculing you? You don’t have time to listen to them anyway! You’re too busy stuffing all that cash from emotionally stunted fanboys and company reps into your pockets. The lowest common denominator always brings the big money, baby.

But don’t let me see your reporters at MoCCA (which at this point has evolved into the best darn place to meet smart hipster girls) pretending they’re legitimate comics journalists. Why did Wizard have a booth there if it was only going to bring us gems such as Match the Rack? That’s very desirable booth space, booth space that could have gone to an independent artist or a news organization that actually cares about something that isn’t WWH, Countdown, or boobs! And why did Wizard represenatives approach female fans and ask them to fill out surveys at conventions this summer? Why ask us to participate and then slam the door in our faces? That is so irritating. There’s no point in reaching out to women if you don’t have anything to offer. Stick to making your existing audience happy and the rest of us will go buy Comic Foundry and UVC.