So long, Sona!

Please tell me that someone else saw The New Adventures of Young Batman last night! For those of you who don’t know, The New Adventures of Young Batman is also known as Prison Break. Something amazing happened last night. The plot advanced! I know! It’s crazy! Leave this post right now before you are spoiled!

Dudes, it is on and poppin’. The alphabet boys came and snatched Mahone up and put him on the snitching fast track plan. The only problem? Mahone is tweaking like mad. They have him holed up in a hotel room while they try to lock a deal in place for him. Let me tell you right now, Mahone is about to break. My prediction is that he just starts wrecking shop, knocks out the two guarding him, and flees. My other prediction? One of the agents guarding him is actually with the Company. We’ll see if I’m right next week.

Linc and Sucre are still the smoking hot morons they’ve always been. They can’t get LJ away from three Company goons who can’t even shoot straight? Personally, I hope LJ dies. He’s annoying. Linc can have another kid. Preferably one that is the result of sex with Sofia. Oh, and Whistler is evil, folks. I should have known this from the beginning! How did I not know this? He’s having fence liaisons with Susan, who I would really like to see brutally murdered a few episodes from now. And why is he having fence relations with Susan? He needs the Company to give him more time to escape. Why?

Because Michael’s plan failed. No one escaped and the guards actually discovered the rope ladder that was going to be used during the break out. So, of course, 5-0 bumrushed the prison and chewed Lechero out for not handling his business. And now Lechero has been stripped of his power. Damn, homie. It’s like Hamsterdam all over again, isn’t it? So now Bunny the Milkman wants all up in Michael’s new escape plan. You know what that means! Batman’s gone and got himself an Alfred! Yes!

For a real recap that doesn’t involve my fangirl nonsense, head on over to the Prison Break website.