Ah, fandom. You so crazy!

As a black woman, I apologize for the fact that strong women of other minority groups aren’t represented in the media. Because, like everything else bad in the free world, this is the fault of black people. Even though there is a dearth of black women writers in film, television, comics, and gaming. And it has nothing to do with black women not being seen as feminine or desirable for centuries so that they are stuffed into roles such as the tough warrior or the feisty best friend instead of the damsel in distress. Nope. Not at all. Black people, what is wrong with you? How come you are the only race with members who feel that they are the only ones misrepresented, underrepresented, or important? No one else feels that way or expresses those feelings. Shame on you, black people! Shame! You must be called out! You are taking up far too much time and attention.

Okay, let me stop being goofy! But really, posts such as the one above from FandomSecrets are why I don’t interact with most of fandom. No loss for either side though.