Oh, yeah! Comics!

Damage Control is so good. I’m disappointed that it’s just a mini. What is McDuffie doing afterwards? It would be a shame to just hand him back to DC. I’m also loving the art team of Espin and Guru EFX. I’m trying to think of a fun and lighthearted book the team could move to next. Lighthearted fun doesn’t seem to be Marvel’s specialty at the moment. Perhaps the whole team might be better off on a DC project.

Speaking of DC, can I just say that I really don’t like Vixen? Her powers have changed and she doesn’t see fit to clue all of her teammates in? Immature and irresponsible. I can’t wait for her to get kicked off the team. I hope she’s replaced by Dr. Light—the one who isn’t a rapist, of course. Man, it’s nice to dislike a black character for reasons other than the character being one-dimensional or an offensive stereotype.

You know who I want to see? Waller’s kids. I don’t want them becoming superheroes, but I’m curious as to how Waller has managed to protect them so well given her underhanded behavior and extensive list of enemies. Is everyone afraid of the woman? Even loons such as the Joker? Actually, it would be interesting to see what Waller would do if one of her kids pulled a Proteus. Would she be able to take her own child down? The only tie left to a husband who was brutally murdered? Given the interesting ways that so many writers at DC have examined family ties, I think it would be a good story.

You know what else I want to see? A Ghostface/Marvel collaboration to hype the upcoming Iron Man movie. Marvel could take segments of lyrics from various Ghostface songs and create 8-page Iron Man back-up stories around them. It’d be a fun way for newbie artists to get their feet wet. And may I nominate “Walking through the Darkness” as one of the songs that should be on the soundtrack?

Of course, that would never happen. Why? Because it would be awesome, that’s why. Plus, there are five thousand boring alt-rock songs that must be put on a soundtrack to a superhero movie or television series before a decent rap song is even considered. I swear, a Luke Cage movie would have four songs from Nickleback on it.