You know the thing that irritates me?

After all the apologizing and handwringing is done, we still don’t have a voice. Not really. Men of color are still sought out for their thoughts and opinions concerning race. White women are still looked to for thoughts and opinions concerning gender issues. And those of us sitting in the border zones can only hope that they do a good job speaking for us. Because our stories and our needs and our fears and our dreams are only really listened to through the filter of someone who is not us.

And all I can think to do is shout loud enough in the hopes that someone more press or camera friendly (male or white) will take my words and carry them to a place that matters; a place where they can truly be heard and have an impact. I have allies willing to do that for me. However, that is not the norm. Many of us sit here in silence—or even worse, watch as our words are robbed of their meaning or twisted against us so someone can cash a check.