Tighten up.

“The tight clothes–what, the boys is gay now? Boys walking around thinking they girls, girls walking around thinking they boys…No wonder all the girls are dating girls—because the boys are gay!”

Elijah Bilal

Booooooooo! Okay, I’m just going to put my unpopular opinions right on the table. A person can behave in a feminine manner. A person can behave in a masculine manner. However, the only way a person can “act gay” is if that person is participating in a sexual act with another person of the same sex. I’m going to need these guys to go and stand over there with Ralph Nader. I’m a straight woman and I’m more stereotypically masculine than some popular rappers I can name. Femininity can be celebrated by a person of any sex or sexual orientation—and so can masculinity. And I don’t see what’s so feminine about wearing clothes that fit. And since when are baggy clothes masculine? Childish? Sometimes. But masculine? Meh.

That said, I would love to see rappers who celebrate masculinity in a healthy manner get radio play and television exposure. I’m tired of the media beating me over the head with artists who are supposed to be grown men having childish tantrums over the airwaves, bragging about their jewelry and custom-made purses, or dressing like tweens.

“If you are homosexual, you are not gangsta. There’s nothing gangster about being homosexual.”

Blanco the Don

Huh? I weep for our children.