Straight-pride parade to be held in NYC.

“Although reggae is known for its militancy and its resistance to injustice, the reggae community has remained calm throughout the attack on the music by Peter Tatchell and other Gay activists groups. Rather than going on the offense, the reggae community will instead unite in solidarity a day prior to labor day in New York City.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Finally, someone is going to provide a place where straight people can express their love without repercussions! Now all we need is a White Entertainment Television because there just aren’t enough positive depictions of white people on TV. Can we please have a moratorium on the you just don’t understand our culture excuse? It doesn’t work when Mexican citizens try to excuse blatantly racist caricatures in comics. It doesn’t work when African American men try to excuse misogynistic images in hip-hop. You don’t get to hide your homophobia behind Caribbean cultures—especially when they are too beautiful to be tied to hatred. The work you produce? It’s hurting people. It’s reinforcing hate and disgust. Don’t think it doesn’t have a negative impact because it does.

It’s never just an image when a black child thinks he’s ugly because of it. It’s never just a lyric when a gay man thinks he’s perverse because of it. It’s never just a video when a black woman thinks she’s worthless because of it. You’re chopping away at the self-worth of others. And it’s wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.