And in an alternate reality…

“I’m so distraught over how the Irish could treat us like this! How could they deny us our civil rights?”

“Uh, I’m pretty sure that guy who snuffed his cigarette out on your hand while you sat at that Whites Only lunch counter was Italian.”

“Remember the No Irish Need Apply signs? How could they betray us like this?”

“And those guys who were throwing rocks at us while we were marching? Uh, I think there were some Germans and Scots along with the Irish in that group.”

“But the Irish! I’m so devastated!”

“Listen, Irish people only make up a small part of—”

“They are so racist! They need to fix their community! I tell you what, I’ll be damned if I vote for Kennedy next year!”

“Look, we had to cut six people down from trees just last month! This shit is serious! I don’t think singling out the Irish is going to—”

“They’ve ruined everything for us! Someone has to tell them!”

“Yeah, you do that. Be sure and let me know how that works out for you.”

Yeah, I’m through. And that 70 percent number? It’s been totally debunked by new numbers flooding in. But by all means, continue with the race baiting. I’m officially done with this.

You know what’s sad? What’s sad is the fact that I can be done with this. I have the luxury of being done with this. I can simply put Dan Savage in a box along with Coulter and Cavuto and ignore everything any of them ever say about black people. Who cares about them and all of the shrill, hysterical people desperate for black scapegoats? They aren’t a part of my community. Bump it.

I can say that because I’m straight. But for my cousins? Dan Savage is a part of their community. The crazed loons screaming nigger at anti-Prop 8 rallies are a part of their community. They can’t pull themselves away. To pull themselves away would be to deny a large part of who they are—to remain fragmented. Because a large part of the community that they would be left with, my community, refuses to appreciate that part of them.

Or perhaps they wouldn’t feel fragmented? Lord knows, I feel a hell of a lot better not having to listen to any white woman lecture me on sexism in the black community and how it has to be engaged right now as if there is some special demonic form of black sexism that is so much worse than what is found in the mainstream. On the flipside, I still have to deal with sexism in my community.

Bah. I guess all I can do is keep trying to make my community better.