Earth One to DC.

I once said that DC couldn’t give me the Wonder Woman that I wanted because Wonder Woman had to remain “safe” enough to be an icon that could sell t-shirts to young girls. Diana Prince was unable to engage in activities such as having sex or exploring the gray areas of humanity. That’s not the case anymore, ladies and gentlemen.

Boom. Batman and Superman are getting all-new origins in an all-new universe free from decades of continuity and fanboy expectations. Someone seems to be missing however. Black hair? Blue eyes? Greco-Roman armor? Sound familiar?

Earth One is the perfect opportunity for DC to give me the Diana I desire—one that is all warrior! Picture it! Diana, tired of Amazons being reduced to playthings for an unscrupulous pantheon of decaying gods, demands to know why the goddess for whom she was named has refused to protect her followers from the sinful whims of Zeus and Ares. The goddess Diana, as prideful as her underling, is horrified to have her motives questioned by one she deems to be beneath her. It is decided. The Amazon must pay for her hubris. And so, Diana of Themyscira, the product of countless unions between god and mortal, is cast down to Earth with nothing more than a skirt and a spear.

She lands in the middle of a war zone and quickly becomes an urban legend in various continents. In Europe, Asia, and Africa, men are found slain—men who considered themselves to be freedom fighters but used their victories to inflict horrible crimes upon women and were foolish enough to lay hands upon Diana. Reports begin to trickle in. Mass graves are found containing the bodies of terrorists and insurgents. Various governments send agents to make inquiries, but each time the grateful local populace remains silent and Diana remains hidden.

Until Lyta Prince. After all, Diana was not the only Amazon to be cast from the immortal realm. Many of her sisters in exile had made their mark upon the earth. Lyta, a gruff old physician working with Doctors Without Borders, was once queen of the Amazons and a renowned warrior eons ago. Lyta recognizes Diana while treating young women in Pakistan and quickly becomes the Alfred to Diana’s Bruce. Using her connections, she provides Diana with papers and a proper history. And so Diana of Themyscira becomes Diana Prince, philanthropist and long-lost heir to the Prince shipping empire. With the blessing of her “mother” Lyta, Diana joins the Peace Corps hoping to fight injustice, but also hoping to gather allies for the ensuing war.

You see, Diana refuses to accept living in exile. Her goal is to locate the remaining Amazons in exile, open a portal to the immortal realm, and wage war against the denizens of Olympus. After all, she is a warrior.

The gods, of course, attempt to thwart her efforts each step of the way. And while the gods are incorporeal in the mortal realm, they are still able to make their presence known in unique ways that cause Diana all sorts of trouble.

So, make it happen, DC. It’s not as if you don’t have great artists and writers at your disposal. And if Wonder Woman is really important to DC, shouldn’t the character be a part of the new Earth One venture?