A Rosa buys any other name brand.

I don’t have a favorite video vixen, but if I did? It would be Rosa Acosta. Hands down. Wealthy dudes (and rich lesbians), there is nothing better than a sensible dime. Why would you want someone spending your money on frivolousness? We are in a recession. And who cares about shoes? If Will Demps walked in here right now, do you think I would give a damn about what he had on his feet? Maino is a moron with the mentality of a bird. And that’s a way bigger turn-off.

Actually, after thinking about it for a bit, I believe I’m in the wrong here, folks. Maino’s actions made me think he was soft and feminine. However, shouldn’t we be a bit more relaxed about gender roles in 2010? If I don’t want someone judging my love of “masculine” things like comics and video games, I shouldn’t judge Maino’s “feminine” interest in heels. Let’s just be people, huh?

I still don’t like frivolous spending though.