Law & Order: MU.

As you know, I am very excited about this Shadowland crossover! I absolutely adore Marvel’s street-level characters and it’s about time they’ve been given a real shot. I also like the fact that this time around it’s not just about the guys getting a major push. Misty and Colleen shouldn’t be stuck with D-list status while Luke and Danny get to play in the big leagues. I’m glad they all have proper face time now. The girls both have their own miniseries debuting soon—and that’s awesome. But I’m a little worried that they’ll be forgotten soon after. After all, that’s pretty much what happened post Daughters of the Dragon. Anyway, I was fooling around on Twitter (again) and thought of a good way to keep the ladies in the forefront of fans’ minds after Shadowland wraps. An ongoing series following the lives of seven key characters:

Misty Knight (police detective): After the tumultuous events of Shadowland, Misty Knight returns to the force, hoping to find a life with a bit more stability and a little less spandex. Unfortunately, as desperate as she is to remove herself from the realm of heroes, each case seems to bring her right back into that chaotic world.

Colleen Wing (forensic psychologist): Trading in her grandfather’s legacy for her father’s, Colleen Wing decides to teach criminology at NYU. However, the life of an academic does not provide as much excitement as the life of a samurai. And when her old partner Misty comes calling, Colleen answers and takes on an additional gig as a profiler/forensic psychologist for the NYPD.

Black Cat (bail bondswoman): Desperate to go straight and use her powers for good, Felicia Hardy takes over Nightwing Restorations and becomes a bail bondswoman. Her powers come in handy when taking down bail jumpers and the information she provides to Misty and Angela can often make or break a case.

White Tiger (private investigator): Angela Del Toro can only hope that the man whose life she nearly ruined will give her a second chance to do right by him. She takes on a position with Matt Murdock’s law firm as a private investigator by day. At night? The claws come out and White Tiger takes to the streets.

Night Nurse (medical examiner): Linda Carter is actually a doctor now, but she loves alliteration. And though she works as a medical examiner for the NYPD, she still loves caring for capes. In fact, her tendency to put the needs of capes above her own career often puts her at odds with Misty Knight—especially when Carter’s reports are altered to protect certain identities or keep the police at bay.

She-Hulk (prosecutor): Jennifer Walters returns to the law, this time as a New York prosecuting attorney. Though her professional life is back on track, her personal life seems to need a great deal of work. Or does it? As long as her rent is paid and her cases are won, does is matter if Walters bounces from one superheroic boy-toy to the next? What could possibly go wrong?

Betty Brant (reporter): Stepping out from the shadow of Ben Urich, Betty Brant takes over the crime beat for the Daily Bugle. Unfortunately, her inquisitive nature and her tough stance on organized crime tends to draw interest from the wrong element. Luckily for her, she has two guardian angels. One’s a fan of webs; the other’s a fan of skulls.

And there you have it! I tried to go for female characters who are involved in every aspect of Marvel’s underworld. Each woman would take the lead role at a different time to avoid fans growing tired of a particular character. And there’s plenty of room for dozens of supporting characters and romantic interests. I think it’d be fun. A nice little blend of Law & Order and Birds of Prey.