General problems.

I could watch Ethan, Maya, Johnny, and Brooke Lynn have wacky adventures forever. However, pairing Ethan and Maya romantically is so many buckets of no, I can’t even explain it. Not a drop of physical chemistry there. But they do have an adorable friendship and sarcastic back-and-forth that is very fun to watch. And yet Brooke Lynn and Johnny, who have tons of physical chemistry, are sidelined so General Hospital can explore relationships between Johnny and Carly and Brooke Lynn and Nikolas? What? No.

Finally, can a girl get some more friendly interaction between Brooke Lynn and Maya? They are family, after all. And Brooke needs someone in her corner—someone who is not Nikolas! By the way, I don’t want to hear any mess from you nerds about watching General Hospital. I’ve seen some of the terrible stuff you guys are into.