Johnny, be good.

Can General Hospital please get Ethan and Johnny out of the mob? Seriously, anything involving organized crime on this show is unintentional comedy gold. Who would ever believe those two are mob kingpins? Just drop the whole mob thing. Please. Johnny has an incentive to get out since Olivia is pregnant. (I just know she is pregnant.) Let him open up a nightclub. Ethan can be a promoter. Brooke Lynn can perform (and flee from that idiotic story with Nikolas) and pretty much try to ruin Johnny’s relationship with Olivia at every turn, Maxie and Brenda could hold court in VIP, and Lucky and Dante could barge in all the time to harass Ethan and Johnny. It could work, people! You could even bring in the hospital crew and the (ugh!) mob characters by having someone try to push stolen prescription pills at the club. Do it!