Last exit to Brooke Lynn.

If General Hospital is going to pair Brooke Lynn with an older man such as Nikolas, I don’t know why they just don’t go all out and have Brooke Lynn develop a flirtation with Jax to stick it to Carly (and Lois, and Ned, and the rest of the Quartermaines). I would love it. I wouldn’t love it as much as I would love Brooke Lynn and Johnny, but I’d still love it. Picture it! Jax and Brooke Lynn could run into each other at some silly affair that Nikolas dragged Brooke Lynn to, they start talking, she spills her guts about Carly, he tells her how much she reminds him of her mom (whom he was interested in pre-Brenda), and…boom! Torrid, May-December romance, full speed ahead. Add in a guest appearance from Ned and Lois and you have all the makings of a good soap. Screaming family fights (Brooke Lynn versus the Quartermaines)? Check. Awkward confrontations with past lovers (Jax versus Carly and Brenda)? Check. Nasty custody battles? Steamy love scenes? Adulterous liaisons? Check, check, and check!

And by the time all the drama is done, Brooke Lynn and Jax would finally realize that they have to rein in their feelings for each other in order to keep the peace. Brooke would move on to Johnny and Jax would be there to help Olivia mend her broken heart. See? Simple.