Drive-by Blogging!

Generally hopeless. I cannot watch General Hospital any longer because the mere sight of Carly and Jax makes me want to vomit. Aside from the way the character looks, there is nothing appealing about Carly—and I can’t watch the show when all I see are rewards and accolades being heaped upon such a horrible creature. Carly gets the fabulous job. Carly gets to marry the handsome multi-millionaire. Carly cheats on her husband and he apologizes. Carly nearly destroys her cousin’s romantic relationship and keeps on truckin’. Aren’t villains supposed to eventually pay when they do villainous things? Isn’t that the point of a soap opera? Ugh. She’s the Emma Frost of Port Charles. I can’t watch. I find the character that distasteful.

Fresh outta luck. Do people seriously want Von Allan’s nomination revoked? ‘Cause that’s not right, y’all. Was it annoying to see white guys getting nominated for Glyphs Awards when black women couldn’t even get a chance to pitch at the companies those individuals were working for? Yes! Did that make the work of those men any less deserving of a nomination? No! Let Von Allan keep his nomination and use that nomination to (1) shine a spotlight on his work and (2) shine a spotlight on the fact that things are still not equal when it comes to gender in comics.

However, good work is good work—regardless of whether there’s a Y chromosome involved or not. And strong female characters are always needed, no matter whose head they originate in.