An open letter to Bob Guza Jr.

Y’know what General Hospital needs? What-if weeks. What’s that? Let me explain. A what-if week would be a week where General Hospital would tell a radically different story based on something that had been altered in the past.

  • What if Jason Quartermaine had never suffered brain damage?
  • What if Carly had stayed with A.J.?
  • What if Brenda had married Jax?
  • What if Jason Morgan had given up the mob for Liz and Jake?
  • What if Ethan had been a Scorpio?
  • What if Luke had bedded a Cassadine and sired a child?

The alternate story would wrap up within five days and then General Hospital could go back to its regular story. The show could put out one to three what-if weeks a year as a way to keep writers from suffering from burnout and to test new couples and potential storylines without angering the core audience.

What could it hurt?