Oh, really?

“WBCP has already been exploiting its Super Girl brand to compete with Disney’s popular princesses line.”

Marc Graser

I guess we’ll get a line with Batgirl after that. And then Catwoman. Maybe even Power Girl and Wonder Girl might make the scene. Well, good luck pushing a makeup line built around your major female characters when all your major female characters have the same damn skin tone! Except for green, of course. Let me know how competing with Disney’s “royal rainbow” works out for you when it comes to marketing and brand building!

That said, I do think the makeup line is awesome and something I (and a whole host of other fangirls) asked for ages ago. And I’m glad it’s here, even if I’m sticking with plain ol’ Clinque. Boring packaging aside, Clinque is the absolute best. Hands down. I’m really surprised.