My! Oh, Maya!

Here there be spoilers. General Hospital spoilers.

So, Annie Ilonzeh is gone, off to play the straight-laced, no-nonsense Kate (obviously a nod to Kate Jackson’s character, Sabrina) for the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot. Perfect casting, I must say. But what happens to Maya Ward? While I never thought that the character clicked well romantically with Ethan, I still think that Maya is a great addition to the canvas. I enjoy her friendships with Ethan and Johnny, and I was looking forward to her forming family bonds with Brook and Michael. But if the actress is on her way out, what can you do?


Simply put, I think that the character has too much potential to just jettison. I want a big soapy disease of the week where damn near every blood relation has to be tested. I want a surprise paternity story—Maya is the secret lovechild of A.J. and Keesha? You don’t say! I want heart-to-heart talks with Monica and Edward. I want tense confrontations with her birth mother. And then? I want a miraculous recovery.

But you need the right actress to carry that story—perhaps one that has a little soap cred, but not too much cred to be beyond GH’s price range. Bam! Davetta Sherwood. One, The Young and the Restless fans still think of the actress fondly. Two, she’s youthful enough to be compatible with Nathan Parsons. (After all, Annie looks at least a decade older than him.) Three, she’s a decent actress. It just might work.

And might I ask something of the General Hospital writing staff? If you do bring Keesha back, can she steal Jax away from Carly? And then get into a love triangle with Jax and Shawn? Thanks in advance!