Lost girls

I am going to talk about all of the wonderful things going on at DC in a minute. Right now? We’re going to talk about the bad things—bad things that are not exactly exclusive to DC. I had hoped the new focus on diversity at DC would result in a focus on different creators as well as different characters. Unfortunately, only the latter happened. I’ve got to admit that I’m a little disappointed, especially since some wonderful female and POC creators were lost in the shuffle while creators I wouldn’t have picked for projects were handed ongoing books. C’est la vie. But guys? Guys?

This is crazy. Know what else is crazy? Nicola Scott doesn’t have an ongoing.

Allow me to repeat that. Nicola Scott does not have an ongoing. DC, have you lost your mind? Nah, I’m playing. With only 52 books, certain creators are going to be lost in the shuffle. That’s just the way it is. But man, did you lose a couple of aces in that shuffle.

Meme time! And I’m tagging each and every one of you out there! Name a female or POC creator that you would have liked to see at DC who has worked for them in the past. That’s not all! Name a book that’s a perfect fit for her/him. And those books don’t have to be limited to DC, either! I’ll give you one to start off with.

Creator: Nicola Scott
Books: The Caped and the Vestless—a humor miniseries along the lines of Heroes for Hire, but focusing mostly on romantic and familial relationships with a side order of face-kicking and car-throwing. She-Hulk. Ms. Marvel. A flagship X-Book. Gen 13 (starring Static, Blue Beetle, Traci 13, Miss Martian, and Aquagirl). Power Girl. Empowered Special: Sistah Spooky Speaks!

Okay, name your own! And yes, WS creators count! Hmm, I should go ahead and make a Marc Bernardin list too.