Back to the future.

Teen Titans

All I see are the same four white kids I’ve always seen and two hideous monsters.

Going by the gossip around the web, I’m assuming that the two unknown characters are POC. Call me crazy, but wouldn’t it have been a good idea for the POC characters to actually be clearly visible as POC? Especially since they seem to be teenage girls of color—who have been pretty much invisible in the past at DC. Also, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to put Jamie and Static in this book as well in order to slowly build their popularity in a team setting instead of throwing them right into solo books to automatically sink or swim in a very short time frame in a very weak market?

I know I’m harping on the few negative things about this reboot, but I’m hoping that these are things that can be tweaked before everything is locked into place come September.

Oh, and while I’m complaining, let me bring something else up! DC, why aren’t these books available for preorder? People should be able to pay for these books right now while they are thinking about them! I was all set to make a big journal entry about all of the upcoming DC comics featuring black characters and post it on some of the non-comic black-focused entertainment boards I frequent. Then I realized that there would be no point. None of those readers would remember to walk into a comic shop three months from now and buy those books. And three months from now, I’m not going to feel like digging through Source blog posts for pictures and copy to repost. Wouldn’t it have been nice if I could have told people about Mr. Terrific, people could have went to Amazon or iTunes to order his comic, and the comic would have been delivered to their iPads and inboxes three months later like a fantastic little surprise? Boy, that would have been nice!

Oh, well.