I was all set to ruthlessly mock DC over the latest brouhaha involving Superman #712. However, that would be too easy and would not get to the heart of the problem—that something is seriously wrong with DC’s public relations division. Either this branch is staffed by individuals who are at a complete loss when it comes to interacting with any individual who is not a white Christian heterosexual male from a suburban and fairly homogeneous community, or this division is staffed with individuals so toothless that they refuse to discuss possible public relations disasters with the creative division well before they have a chance to occur. Of course, there is the possibility that members of DC’s public relations division have no interest in actually doing their jobs properly, for that would mean having to maintain close contact with the creative and editorial divisions in order to keep tabs on output. A boring and thankless job? Yes, but it is a job. It is what one is hired to do!

A good PR man would have seen trouble on the horizon as soon as he was informed that the original story had been pulled. He would have approached an editor about it. And if he couldn’t change the editor’s mind? He sure as hell would have had something better than kittens and a Kanye shrug to present to the press and any irate fans circling.

Someday, someone at DC is bound to notice that they are continually cutting checks for people who have continually failed to get the job done, right? Right?