Cowboy up.


“A supposedly race-motivated nightclub shooting changes the lives of two undercover officers in Cowboys, the newest original graphic novel from mystery and crime writer Gary Phillips and artist Brian Hurtt. Hitting shelves this July as part of the DC Comics’ Vertigo Crime line, Phillips spoke with CBR News about the novel, comparing Cowboys to contemporary cop shows like Fox’s Chicago Code and the work of crime writer Elmore Leonard, saying the story ‘definitely has a contemporary cop drama feel…since it is set in the urban center and much more deals with some issues around race.'”

The only way I could possibly want to read this more is if each graphic novel was personally delivered by Idris Elba. Why did I find out about this book by stumbling across someone’s Tumblr post from months ago? This book drops in two weeks! Why were articles coming out in May and not the week that the book actually drops? DC? Your marketing team is straight garbage. I’m just going to put that out there right now. I’ve been thinking about it ever since that YouTube video dropped, and there will be a later post on it, but I just wanted to get that out of the way now.

Anyway, can someone please send a review copy to Brothers? I don’t do reviews—unless this book is being delivered by Elba. Then we can talk. The book looks great though.

Oh, man. Marvel needs to steal Phillips for a Cage book. Or an ol’ school Luke and Danny team-up issue.