Yes! And a request.

Oh, GTA modders. How I love you. Oh, how I love you. But why has no one created the most obvious mod of all? Grand Theft Auto III on the Grand Theft Auto IV engine! No remapping necessary. Just update a few of the buildings to fit Grand Theft Auto III. Honkers and the Triangle Club become Luigi properties. Brucie’s place becomes Joey’s garage. The Majestic is repurposed as Kenji’s swanky hotel and casino. Maria gets high in an unnamed Hercules every night. Fix up Salvatore’s place out in Alderny so that it’s shiny and new. Pull all the old audio files over (as well as some from Liberty City Stories) and film new cut scenes.

Yeah, it’d be a bit of work, but it’d be worth it. Taking Maria out for dinner? Bowling with 8 Ball? Popping online to read the latest from the Liberty Tree? Storming through Kenji’s casino in order to take him out? I’d probably set the mod in 2006 to keep from having to update the pedestrians and cars too much though. Actually, given Rockstar’s new foray into DLC, why haven’t they issued a remixed Grand Theft Auto III on the Grand Theft Auto IV engine? It gives PC gamers something to tide them over until the Grand Theft Auto V port and is a nice way to squeeze a few extra bucks out of the franchise.

I can’t be the only one who thinks of stuff like this!