Can I kick it?

Ultimate Spider-Man

He. Is. Adorable!

You mad about it? Stay pressed. I really don’t see why this is a big deal. It’s the Ultimate universe! Anything goes and everything is topsy-turvy. Want to make Ultimate Luke Cage a white accountant who goes to jail for tax evasion? Be my guest! Want to make Ultimate Northstar a straight gigolo who bounces from girl to girl? Go for it! Really, unless you’re a long-time fan of Ultimate Peter Parker (and I feel for those guys), you have no reason to be upset.

Well, unless you’re a racist. And if you are? As has been said before—stay pressed.

Leon: Protector of the Playground
Anyway, I’m happy. I have two books to recommend to mothers requesting recommendations for books for their children and teens. Jamar Nicholas, who has earned my eternal devotion for the creation of Detective Boogaloo, is back with a brand new joint—Leon: Protector of the Playground! Jamar isn’t the first creator to use Kickstarter to launch a project and he certainly won’t be the last. And I swear, if funding doesn’t come through for this and I hear anyone complaining that there aren’t any comics geared towards kids? Well, y’all know what I’m gonna do.