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Sims 4 charactersA lot has happened in 50 years! Can the idyllic town of Riviera, a haven for youthful adventurers from far-flung lands (as well as the neighboring town of Pleasantview), quell rising tensions before friendly rivalries become all-out feuds?

Clockwise from bottom center: 

Beau Broke is determined to make it big in Riviera. A man of meager means, but rich in willpower, will Beau finally be able to reverse the Broke history of misfortune?

Lucy Burb dreams of recreating the idyllic family life her parents provided. Yet while Lucy fantasizes about white-picket fences and baby carriages, her suitor’s wandering eye may make her dream a nightmare!

Can Carlo Lothario break the Lothario curse as he has broken so many hearts—or is he doomed to never find true love? Could the mysterious mother who abandoned him be the key as to why he is unable to commit?

Tina Caliente is determined to succeed where her mother has failed: by hook or by crook she’ll marry her way into the Goth fortune! But how can she win Alexander’s heart if her mind is continually on Carlo Lothario?

Sullen and stand-offish, Alexander Goth has difficulty making friends, and has cut off all ties to his family. Yet, strangely, he is fond of the roguish Carlo Lothario. Can the brotherly bond between the two help Alexander come out of his shell?

Given her childhood as an orphan, Marsha Bruenig cannot help but cling to the new-found friends she considers her family. But will her pursuit of popularity only lead to the population of Riviera considering her a pest?

Chandler Platz loves robots, sci-fi festivals at the local cinema, and rockets. What he doesn’t love? The idea of romance with the ladies of Riviera! Can Chandler keep his head out of the clouds when he’s so focused on the stars?

Ollie Dreamer inherited his father’s artistic talents and his mother’s shy, sensitive nature. Can Ollie overcome his timid ways and win the heart of Sophia Gilscarbo? Can he follow in his father’s footsteps and romance the woman of his dreams?

Sophia Gilscarbo, the heiress to the Goopy carbonara sauce fortune, is Riviera’s resident party girl. Will Sophia be able to tame her wild ways and settle upon a culinary career before her grandmother cuts her off completely?

(Note: I just made this up myself. Not official information for The Sims 4, folks!)