All-Negro Comics #2

So, one blog entry, a few Tumblr posts, a few tweets, a dozen or so e-mails, and one week later—here we are!

Full disclosure: I received two responses in total regarding the publication of All-Negro Comics #2. Am I disappointed? Yes. However, two things console me—that creators are focused on some amazing projects dear to their heart and have no time to participate (which makes me very hopeful about the industry) or the possibility that creators would prefer another individual at the helm of such a project (easily and amicably resolved). I much prefer these two options compared to the possibility of the industry not caring about the inclusion of black voices! And I know, given the passion and talent of the black men and women in the industry right now, that the third option is not an option at all.

So, is the All-Negro Comics anthology dead? Never! The work is in the public domain and is available for anyone to pick up the torch. It is my hope that those in the comics industry will pick it up and carry it to the masses. I am not abandoning the project; I am very eager to support it as a consumer!

For any individual considering taking on this project, please note that while I only received two creator responses, the interest expressed by fellow fans was quite positive. If you have the talent to create comics and a few like-minded colleagues, you absolutely can do this! And we’ll be here to buy it!