After the party it’s the hotel lobby.

The Grand Hyatt—can we please talk about the Grand Hyatt for a minute?

Like every other lazy person who attended Emerald City Comicon, I wanted to stay at the Sheraton. Who doesn’t want to stay at the Sheraton? While its dated design and limited accoutrements leave much to be desired, the ability to stroll down to the lobby in your pajamas and chill with your friends until two o’clock in the morning is a massive benefit. When I discovered that the Sheraton had sold out by the time I had made plans to attend this year’s event, I was devastated. Reluctantly, I booked a room at the Seattle Grand Hyatt.

Son, I am never staying at the Sheraton again.

I’m still not certain whether I was accidentally provided a suite or if the basic rooms at the Grand Hyatt simply make the rooms at the Sheraton appear pasted together with particle board and equipped with used furniture from Craigslist. I requested a quiet room and did not hear a peep from my neighbors for the duration of the convention. I took bubble baths in a gorgeous giant tub twice daily. My room had two large flat screen televisions. When I needed to find a drugstore on short notice, the concierge was charming and helpful. The drugstore, however, did not have jet black pantyhose.

Typical footwearYes, it was a bit of pain schlepping back to my room from the Sheraton lobby late at night (especially given my well-known eccentric choice of footwear), but not once did I fear for my safety. I did have a rude comment lobbed my way by a convention guest or attendee who was clearly high as a kite at the time, but neither the Hyatt nor is ECCC responsible for that individual’s behavior.

For the life of me I cannot understand why people stay at the Sheraton, but I most certainly can see why people party there. The bar, though woefully understaffed, is charming and well-lit—as is its lobby. The Grand Hyatt’s atmosphere is strangely dark and subdued, as if it were more interested in hosting romantic tête-à-têtes than industry gatherings.

I was honestly a bit reluctant to make this post, for fear of massive crowds ruining the experience of Emerald City Comicon and the Grand Hyatt! Both seem like magical experiences that should be reserved for a select few. But I suppose one can’t pay the bills catering to a small number!

(Okay, judging from the photos displayed on the Seattle Grand Hyatt’s website, it seems I was accidentally provided a suite. That said, the basic king room is still leagues better than what the Sheraton offers.)