A new challenger appears!

There are two positive habits I have managed to hold onto for years—habits I honestly believe have helped to keep me grounded and sane. I drink two large mugs of tea daily and I walk for 30 minutes a day. Last year I picked up a third daily habit: balancing my budget.

Of course, it’s all too easy to pick up a habit when it’s enjoyable. I listen to my favorite music while I walk. I browse the web while I drink tea. And my budgeting software is so similar to the simulation games I’ve been obsessed with for years that it’s actually a pleasure mucking about with it. So while making the activities repetitive ones have allowed them to become habits, I would have never engaged in said activities on a daily basis were they not fun.

Regarding the tea and the walking, if I stop doing either for more than 5 days? I feel lousy. My brain and body simply do not work right any longer without that caffeine-endorphin cocktail. Given the things that people in this world are addicted to, I’m glad I lucked out with walking and tea (and also bread, but that’s a whole other blog post)!

Though my good habits have improved my life considerably in the past, at this point they simply maintain a mundane status quo. To shake things up a bit I’ve embarked on a couple of 30-day challenges. The first challenge is to write daily for 30 days, be it a blog post, journal entry, or article. This challenge is more preventative than proactive, but will hopefully help to keep my mind sharp. The second challenge, one that is considerably more difficult than the first but should actually produce visible results, is to stick to a weightlifting routine for 30 days. Day one has been a success—both challenges met with ease—but I worry what day thirty will look like! For good or for bad, I plan to check in with the World Wide Web once a week to blog about it.

See you next Saturday!