Shoulder the weight.

It’s Saturday, and that means one week has passed since taking on my 30-day challenges. How have I done? Not bad! I’ve managed to adhere to my weight-lifting schedule for 8 days—even though I find the activity dull. I haven’t lost any weight—I like donuts!—but I’m thoroughly pleased with my increased strength levels. I’m going to stick with the challenge for another week. This time I plan to up the ante and incorporate a healthy diet as well. After all, a truck can’t haul anything without the proper fuel.

I’ve abandoned the writing challenge, so my success rate is 50 percent at the moment! However, I plan to start a new reading challenge to replace the writing one—and that should be fun.

Speaking of fun, it looks like I’ll be spending the summer bopping up and down the East Coast! While the reasons for doing so aren’t enjoyable—house repairs and property scouting—it does give me the opportunity to attend Special Edition: NYC (a possibility), HeroesCon (a definite), and DragonCon (maybe). No more panels for me, but it’ll be nice to goof off with friends I haven’t seen since, uh, March.