So long.

2014 was a terrible year—the lancing of a boil. Resentment and hatred and unchecked societal ills ran rampant, the literal bloody mess of it pooling at the world’s feet, demanding to be acknowledged. And shockingly, it has been acknowledged—through protests and art and music and film. This generation is going to make the world a better place—starting with 2015. Hyperbole or not, I wholeheartedly believe it. My hope for 2015, for this generation and this world, is more. More love, more success, more respect, and more joy.

My personal goal for 2015 is less. In years past I’ve proclaimed that with the new calendar year I’d “get out there.” I would be more sociable. I would engage the world more. For 2015 that has changed. My focus is on reflection and peace, solitude and silence. I don’t expect to gain supreme enlightenment, merely a life that is quiet and simple. To be fair, my life is already pretty quiet and simple, but there are still areas where I can improve!

Happy New Year!