Prince Rogers Nelson.

“Prince was the one who was supposed to live forever. Rick was gone, Michael was gone, but Prince kept the torch burning. So much of our pain and our joy and our history is expressed through music. So Prince isn’t just Prince. He’s a generation. He’s an era of blackness. He’s funk. He’s 80s. And him being gone along with Rick and Michael is just–I can’t even explain. It hurts.”Cheryl Lynn Eaton

Prince passed today.

PrinceSocial media is difficult when someone so famous who has touched your life concludes theirs. As the feed refreshes and each new person discovers what has happened you mourn anew. Each new tweet, new journal entry, new article reminds you of the void left by their absence. And the healing cannot begin until the same unpleasant discovery is visited upon the very last man and he begins to grieve.

I suppose I’m hastening that grief with my own comments. I had to speak for the same reason I had to step away. The pain is just too much and words are still not enough to express how I much I appreciate this man and his music. How much I regret never having the chance to tell him so by screaming out his name in the midst of a throng of fans.

He is gone. And we are still here.

I am angry, because he was taken from us far too soon. I am embarrassed, for I am still blessed with life without an iota of his gifts. He still had so much to give us. A selfish thing to say—but also true.

We are being robbed of our elders before they grow old.