The critic and the comics industry.

The comics industry is amazing and awful at once. Because of glaring issues with bigotry and harassment—issues found in every entertainment industry—we tend to focus on the infamous and incorrigible. And the quality work of the meeker amongst us goes unappreciated.

My own journal leans heavily on work from the mainstream. Comics from Marvel and DC provide a common thread I share with my peers. I also focus on Marvel and DC because they are the largest platforms in the industry. The inequality found there has a much larger negative impact on various social groups than an independent publisher running with the assistance of a skeleton crew. And while there is importance and value in the “make your own” argument, it is also vital that our major institutions—including mainstream entertainment companies—are held responsible for the current state of the industry. We cannot root out institutionalized bigotry without critiquing our oldest and most powerful institutions.

Yet we must not simply focus on the negative. Positive reinforcement works—for animals, for humans, and for corporations! So I want to use this journal to spotlight works that move me. And not just works of art, but marketing strategies as well.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, so what I find pleasing will not please everyone. But it is just as important to share what is good with the world as it is to warn folks away from what is bad.