Tips for Donald Trump’s new America.

You should probably learn the following during Donald Trump’s stint as president: a second language, home repair, car repair, and how to grow food. Things are going to get very expensive and the more you can do it yourself and barter the better. I’m expecting things to get 1970s New York City bad. And that was pretty damn bad. But our families survived it, so prepare. And if you’re thinking 1970s New York City doesn’t sound that bad—congratulations on being white and straight, I guess. Also, a friggin’ lot of us are going to have zero health insurance soon. Do maintenance care—zero slacking on that. Whatever procedure you’ve been putting off? Book it. Minor surgery? Get it done while you can afford it.

Now would be a good time to get adoption papers in order. Every T crossed and I dotted. Double check it. And get a passport.

Swing by to see your union representative if your job has a union. See what you can and can’t be fired for and what protections you have from harassment.

And it is perfectly okay to quietly jettison any bigots or their enablers out of your social circle for your own safety.