Bitch Planet Triple Feature #1.

Bitch Planet Triple Feature #1 is in stores now and features work by me and an amazing assembly of creators—Maria Frölich, Conley Lyons, Craig Yeung, Marco D’Alfonso, Andrew Aydin, and Joanna Estep. I’m humbled to have been a part of that crew, to have worked within the world that Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro have created, and to have learned so much from editor Lauren Sankovitch. (One of the things I learned is that lettering is very hard, so kudos to Clayton Cowles for an amazing lettering job—a task that is often overlooked.) I’d also like to thank Christopher Calloway of Creator Talks for chatting with us about the book. The same goes for Rachael Krishna of Buzzfeed and David Brothers at Image+.

“Living racism is a horrifying experience. And then, having to normalize it and internalize it. Sexism or homophobia, all that shit is the same shit. It’s an everyday thing, and it’s so common, and that’s hard to really put your head around. And you having to stomach it in order to keep your job, or to get further in life. You’re having to compromise, and if you don’t, you’re a nuisance. And there’s a paranoia, ’cause you’re like, This is fuckin’ …am I going crazy? Is that person…Daniel Kaluuya

Here’s where it gets sappy. Because a handful of the people who I’ve listed above believed in me more than I believed in myself. Probably still do. Sat patiently with me and quietly and firmly countered the voice in my head that emphatically exclaimed that my lack of opportunity was because I wasn’t good enough. Not the twice as good that we’re often told we must be, not the baseline of adequacy needed for that first rung.

“I’m certainly not going to lie and say it’s not difficult—because it is difficult. Because as much as you want to be inspiring and delve deep into those power fantasies, the reality of discrimination is there tugging away at that thread to unravel any tapestry you weave. What does discrimination do? It curtails your actions. It robs you of your agency. It makes you second-guess your ability.”Cheryl Lynn Eaton

“You can do this.”Kelly Sue DeConnick

My brain translated that last quote to “You’re not crazy.” And, dear God, did I need to hear that more than anything. I needed someone willing to acknowledge that those obstacles exist, but also confirm that I could surmount them—that my words were of value. And I found those someones in the team at Milkfed. And I thank them for taking a chance on me. (And letting me cross a major item off that bucket list!)